Hendrix Wire and Cable manufactures, sells and services underground and overhead medium
voltage cable. Kerite Cable supplies medium-voltage, primary
cable to the electric utility market from a different locations. Both
are brands with decades of experience manufacturing the world's
most reliable power cable.

Hendrix Wire & Cable

  • TRXLPE-insulated, medium voltage cables
  • Rated 15kV to 35kV
  • Tree Wire
  • Underground
  • Overhead

Field Friendly Cable

  • Only Kerite and Hendrix cable provide a
    consistent high level of user friendliness.
  • The combination of our free stripping
    insulation shield and our easy-to-remove
    insulation makes the preparation for
    termination or splicing simple and fast.

The Kerite Company

  • Specialized, EPR insulated, medium voltage cables
  • Rated 5kV to 35kV
  • PILC replacement cable
  • Located in Seymour, CT

Superior Wet Performance

  • Our wet design distribution cable will
    perform in the typical utility trouble spots
    - flooded vaults, water-soaked conduit
    and high ground water applications.

Shorter Lead Times

  • We consistently provide lead times
    shorter than the industry norm.
  • Accomplished through strict order
    loading at the facility and through
    innovative partner programs.

Contamination Control

  • Our cable operates closed loop systems
    that have been designed and constructed
    to permanently eliminate potential sources
    of contamination.